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"Mule" Custom Catfishing Rods


When I started consciously fishing for Flathead catfish many years ago,, I didn't have a clue about tackle, except what I heard from others,, who,, didn't really know much more..


Keep in mind,, this was before the WWW,, and, I don't mean Wiley Women Wrestlers ;) ...

The only thing I had to look at was the “Catfishing” section at a few stores,, and catalogs..

Most of the folks in the stores didn't know much about it, and the catalogs provided a cursory acknowledgment that people would actually consider tackle worthy of this species.


Through the years, I went from using what I had, to purchasing what I thought I should have,, then to a more or less fine tuning of rods, reels hooks and line,, provided by commercial tackle vendors..


Several years ago,, I was still not satisfied with the purchases I'd made,, Fish were still tearing up my tackle,, of one sort or another,, broken line,, shattered rods,, exploded reels,, were the norm..


I came upon a site,, (We're with the Internet now),, that had some information on building your own rod..

This caught my eye, and I began to study about how to build, and selecting components..


Since that time,, I've been designing and building my own Catfishing Rods,, and now,, actually build to sell to folks,,

The rods I build,, are basically 50# rated E-glass about 7' long,, with grips, seats, and foregrips that are ergonomically correct (while looking good) for fighting hard and pulling in determined Flathead catfish..


I was searching for a name for these rods,, and remembered that many years ago,, a person in the know made the statement,,”Mules start working, when horses have given up”..

I thought the name appropriate,, as the rods I produce,are quite capable.

  • In using them, I have great confidence,

  • That No Flathead Catfish, will overpower my rod.

  • I can stop or turn a big fish quickly

  • The roller tip provides smoothness and protects the line

  • The rod won't fail while fighting or landing a fish

  • In a rod holder rods load up with power, allowing a fish to hook itself if necessary

  • Quality components ergonomically designed for maximum power


In using them, I have great confidence, that No Flathead Catfish, will overpower my rod.

Not to mention I've greatly increased the capacity and ability of all the other related tackle,,including reels, line, and hooks.


Recently,, I've begun using some other high performance rod blanks,, used in the salt water fishing world,, they're known as Jigging blanks,, they are made from a graphite/glass composite, and are very powerful lightweight rods..

Being built along the same parameters of the Mules,, they have great ergonomics with the grips, seat placement and foregrip,, and ,, the power these rods have is awesome,,

All of the rods I have built have good sensitivity, and can be cast well, the latter rods mentioned, are noticeably lighter in weight. But, the benefits become true reality when you have a powerful fish on the business end,, trying to take your terminal rig to some underwater junkyard to hang it up on,, These rods will allow you to confidently prevent the Flathead or other fish from reaching his goal while you are effectively achieving your goal :)


Man does not live by fishing tackle alone but needs other accessories!

Traveling? How about Fish Anywhere, Anytime? NGC® "The Pen Fisherman"

And a little "legendary catfish baits" can't hurt. :)